30+ Free Patient Discharge Form Templates (PDF, DOC)

A Patient Discharge Form is an Official Document used to get patients discharged from any
medical facility. The discharge form is filled out by medical healthcare providers and has
important details about the patient’s medical condition, treatment, and updates after the patient
is discharged.

The patient discharge form can be served as a record of the patient’s medical
history for future medical healthcare professionals, The form is an important role in ensuring the
continuous care of the patient and be helpful to improve communications between healthcare

Purpose of Patient Discharge Form

The important role of the Patient discharge form is to, provide an extensive record of a patient’s
medical history and discharge information. Such as recording the patient’s treatment, and any
medications or procedures. Providing a detailed description of the form that contains follow-up
instructions for the patient, such as taking prescribed medications on time, scheduling future
appointments, and recommended self-care.

The form can help the patient prevent any medical errors by giving clear information about the patient’s medical condition and the time of their discharge. The form can be helpful to make communication easy between healthcare providers, giving them easy access to transfer patient information from one healthcare provider to another. It can also help meet legal requirements for insurance or legal purposes.

Information Required on Patient Discharge Forms

  • Patient Personal Information: Name, contact information, date of birth, medical history,
  • Insurance Information: Insurance coverage information and outstanding balances.
  • Emergency Contact Information: Name and the contact details of a person to be
    contacted as soon as possible in case of emergency.
  • Discharge Instructions: Future appointments, medications, home care instructions.
  • Signature of Approval: Signature of the patient or family acknowledging details of
    discharge instructions.

Benefits of Properly Filled Patient Discharge Form

A properly completed the form can provide complete detail to the next medical healthcare to ensure the treatment without any issues. It can ensure all the important information is recorded, which can be helpful in case of legal proceedings. A properly completed patient discharge form can help you with the billing and insurance process. It can improve communication between healthcare providers without causing any misunderstandings. It can also help with patient safety by providing clear instructions to ensure patient safety.

How to Create a Patient Discharge Form Template

To create a patient discharge form template, follow these steps:

  • Determine the information you want to include: Personal information, medical history,
    treatment received, current condition, discharge instructions, etc.
  • Choose a format: You can use Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or other-processing software to
    create the template.
  • Start with a header: Include the name of the hospital, the date, and the patient’s name.
  • Add sections: Create sections for each piece of information you want to include. For example,
    a section for personal information, a section for medical history, a section for treatment
    received, etc.
  • Include appropriate fields: For each section, include appropriate fields for the information you
    want to capture. For example, a field for name, address, phone number, etc.
  • Make the form user-friendly: Use clear and concise language, and make sure the form is
    easy to understand and complete.
  • Include signature lines: Include signature lines for the patient, doctor, and any other relevant
  • Review and revise: Review the form to ensure that all the necessary information has been
    included, and revise as necessary.
  • Save and distribute: Save the form as a template, and distribute it to the relevant parties.